Starfleet Personnel Registry

Name: Kajen Duas Pix Birthdate:     Eyes: Green Height: 1.76 meters Weight: 73kg Hair: Brown, short, curly     Rank: Ensign Post: Science Officer, plant biologist, atmospheric chemist Species: Trill Marital Status: single/unbonded Symbiont status: Joined (5 weeks as of this publication) Host Name: Pix Host Gender Order: male, female, female, male Previous Hosts: Yaran Per, Needra Tabas, Mori Kiariar

Yaran Per, male Disciplines: Gravitational Astronomer, Cosmologist Talents: marksman

Needra Tabas, female Disciplines: Molecular biologist, chemist Talents: Artist, sketch

Mori Kiariar, female Disciplines: Nanotechnology, robotics Talents: piano, singer

Kajen Duas, male, current host Disciplines: plant biologist, atmospheric chemist Talents: Avid reader, game player

While the symbiont maintains the memories of previous hosts, it is the current host whose memory is the most vivid. Skills of previous hosts, while vast in scope, are often generations old and does not denote proficiency for the newly joined. Add to this experiences both very similar and very different over the joining transitions. The resulting blending is a mix of patchwork memories and a sum greater than their parts.

Introduction to Outpost Phoenix Staff: "My name is Kajen Duas Pix. My previous post was on the Vulcan Science vessel T'Para. I'm part of the science department as a exo-botanist with a speciality in biospheres. I'm joined with my symbiont named Pix and am the fourth of her hosts. Long line of scientists...and other things."

Previous Assignment: T'Para, one of several non-Vulcans on the science vessel. While enroute to another assignment in the sector the T'Para gets a general distress call for any Trills on board. While Kajen did fill out his application to the Symbiosis Commission, the process had just begun. Hours later the ship entered orbit of a small colony with one elderly Trill resident, Mori Pix. After implantation the Commissioner requested Kajen return to Trill to evaluate the Vulcan implantation procedure for side-effects. After a few weeks of evaluation Starfleet reassigned Kajen to Outpost Phoenix, noting his science education would come in handy for restoring the outpost to its previous condition, or at the very least make it liveable once more.