Khadidrans are very similar to Terrans in physiology. They have medium to dark grey skin, stand on average 5'8” to 6'5”, silver or white hair, dark eyes (maroon, blue, green, violet), and elegant features. Prominent families have strong telepathic abilities, ranking in the top twenty percent by Starfleet standards. Most of their abilities manifest as telepathy, empathy and/or telekinesis. Khadidrans live to be up to 800 years old by their standard. A Terran year is equivalent to three and a half Khadidran years, which are measured by the flow of the underground rivers.

Khadidran society is matriarchal. The government is run by a Grand Matron, who oversees the Shahaan, Khadidra’s ruling house of delegates (matrons from higher class families). Khadidra joined the United Federation of Planets and set up trade, as their dracon hide garments are viewed as exquisite works of art. Very few are produced, so they are quite the commodity. Khadidra also exports llana wine, a fermented drink made from an underground fruit that has a taste similar to the Terran kiwi-strawberry combination. Starfleet installed a science outpost on the surface of Khadidra prior to the discovery of the Khadidran race.