Shah’jahar was born in 23xx to caj Zahak, and was brought up on his familial estate on the planet Rigel IX. The oldest of five children, he was the favourite of his Father, his caj's Tahedri. Raised on the family's extensive grounds, Shah’Jahar received an extensive education growing up. Following this, he began to work for his caj's interests, serving and later commanding his family’s merchant ships, opening new markets for manufactured goods, as well as other. . . less savoury endeavours. That all changed one day in 2392 when a rival caj, making a bold move against caj Zahak by aggressively seizing its property and assassinating most of its members. Shah'jahar, being made aware of this gambit, opportunistically fled from Orion space and sought some measure of protection in the Federation.

By the time they got there, they had enough money for a hot meal, but fell into vagrancy shortly thereafter and wound up sleeping under overpasses and in alleys. Shah’jahar woke up one morning in a Federation holding cell for loitering. He was released later that day, but having lost his Motley and no where to go, he stepped into a Starfleet Enlistment Centre. He was put up in a hostel for the next week, and then sent to Camp XXX on Alpha Centauri training in the basics of all Starfleet-related fields, but concentrating especially on his MOS: Engineering.

Shah’Jahar graduated from boot camp six months later. He spent the next nine months attending the Starfleet Specialty Schools. He graduated as a Engineering Specialist 1st Class and was assigned to USS Excalibur.

Shah'jahar served on the Excalibur for one year before he was promoted to Chief Petty Officer. Within six months, he was recommended for OCS and sent back to Starfleet Academy.

USS AresEdit

Following his graduation from OCS, Shah'jahar was posted to USS Artemis. He had spent less than a week aboard when tragedy struck both the Artemis and her sister ship the USS Ares when they were both pulled into a transdimensional rift in the Maelstrom Expanse.


On Stardate 201808.01, USS Ares encountered the USS Aldrin in DIMENSIONALADDRESS. They were able to return to the PRIMEADDRESS, although best vessels were destroyed.

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Personal LogsEdit

Shah'jahar Personal Log - Stardate 201808.01

Shah'jahar Personal Log - Stardate 201809.18

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