--Three Hours Before The USS Ares Sim of 201808.01--

In the dim emergency lighting, the Ruddy Orion padded along Deck 21.  Some Lieutenant or other had told him to work on the communications array, and he had done so, with no small amount of grumbling, of course.  

The whole ship was a wreck.  Though a wreck two steps above Ares.  At least this ship wasn’t ready to fall apart if somebody sneezed.  Not that that really mattered when some sort of horrific space monstrosity was coming to eat you. Fantastic.

There was one bright point, however.  The communications array was on the same deck as the computer core.  

He had overheard some of the crewmen talking about how the computer had been offline, but the LCARS seemed to work just fine.  On further investigation, Shah’jahar has learned about the Aldrin’s other computer system.  The Comparative Algorithm Sentient System Integration.  ‘CASSI,’ they called it.

It sounded interesting. . . and lucrative.

With a few isolinear chips in his pocket and his tricorder scanning, he entered the computer core.  Taking a moment to admire the engineering, and to ensure no one else was around, he got to work.  The first hurtle was to actually find the program.  That was easily accomplished.  Although it was a supposedly classified program, Starfleet had never been the types to leave disorganized file systems laying about. It just took a basic understanding of how Starfleet organized its files. 

The next hurtle, copying the CASSI files, was a more difficult task.  Rather, it would have been, if CASSI had been online and the ship not as damaged as it was.  A quick succession of inserted chips, and soon CASSI was on a series of isolinear chips and ready for transport.

Shah’jahar grinned.  Lucrative indeed.  

He slipped the panels back in place and carefully left the core.  With luck, he’d be off the ship before anyone was the wiser.