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Welcome to the Tahnna'Whanna Sector!Edit

Welcome to OPX! Outpost Phoenix is a role-playing, chat-based sim that meets every Sunday at 2200EST/1900 PST. First opening in 2000, we are part of the United Space Federation, an online simming group that has been active since 1995 and boasts 15 active sims. We have openings in every department. If you're interested in joining, please stop by or email and fill out the Simmer Application!

Outpost PhoenixEdit

Outpost Phoenix's mission is to provide safety and security to the Tahnna'Whana Star System, to make first contact and bring trade opportunities in and near the Tahnna'Whanna Sector within easier reach of the United Space Federation, expand the Federation's scientific and cultural knowledge, and to provide the most exciting Star Trek Roleplay experience available. Welcome to Outpost Phoenix!


Latest activityEdit

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